Maria Snipe, Discovery Charter School Principal

Mrs. Maria Snipe

Dedicated to Learning

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Maria Snipe was born in Elizabeth New Jersey on December 24, 1964. She is the 4th of 6 children. At the
age of 4, she was placed in an orphanage in Philadelphia and at the age of 5 was blessed to be placed in
a loving foster home where she was taught the value of responsibility and education.
Maria graduated from Lincoln High School. After graduating, she went to Harcum Jr. College in Bryn
Mawr, Pa. where she took courses in business administration. Although she scored well, business wasn’t
her passion. After the first semester, she decided to enroll in their education program. Mrs. Snipe
remained at Harcum for one year, then transferred to LaSalle University where she earned a Bachelor of
Arts degree in Special Education.
After graduating from LaSalle University, Mrs. Snipe worked for the School District of Philadelphia in the
position of Special Education Teacher. She remained there for 10 years. Mrs. Snipe received several
commendations, and awards. In addition, she was nominated for the Rose Lindenbaum Teacher of the
Year Award in 1993.
In 1999 Mrs. Snipe became involved in the charter school movement. Since then, she has worked in
several charter schools in different capacities. At Imani Education Charter School, she served as the
Special Education Coordinator, at Raising Horizon’s Quest Charter School, she was the special education
coordinator, and vice principal. In 2003, Mrs. Snipe accepted the challenge to serve as principal of
Discovery Charter School where she served until June, 2008.
In July, 2008, Maria took on the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Alliance for Progress Charter
School. The school is now in an excellent position financially and academically. Her goal is to create a
premier educational institution where excellence is the norm.
Mrs. Snipe has earned the following professional certifications in Pennsylvania: Elementary Principal
Administrative ll, Principal K-12 Administrative I, Teacher Certification – Mentally and or Physically
Handicapped, Instructional II. In addition, she is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Elementary
and Secondary School Principals; Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development; and the
National Middle School Association.

In July of 2018, Mrs. Snipe returned to serve as the Principal once again, under the leadership of Mrs.
Elmore. It has been a pleasure to serve the families of the West Park area of Philadelphia in this capacity.